miércoles, 9 de abril de 2014

Here´s Psyche, looking for a loving home...
You can find her on Ebay.com, where she´s already waiting patiently :D
This is her item number

I hope you love her as much as I loved bringing her to life :D
Thank you so very much!!!!
Hugs from Psyche and me ♥

jueves, 20 de marzo de 2014

Bonnie is looking for a loving home now!
If you want to take her home, this is where
Thank you so very much to all of you! ♥

Olga & Bonnie

miércoles, 8 de enero de 2014

Here´s Eve, The first Nomad of 2014 n__n
As a novelty, her owner can choose between two scalps. There are pics of her wearing both of them in my Flickr and in her auction.
You can find her here
She´s on ebay.es, so if you´re on ebay.com, make sure you click the Worldwide option when you´re searching for Vainilladolly Blythe Nomad, Vainilladolly, Blythe Eve, or whatever you write on your search :)
Her number there is
Thank you SO very much to all of you again for your support and for being there, for making possible that i keep making more nomdas for you :)
I hope that 2014 is the best year ever and I wish you all much Love and all that´s good!
Eve and Olga

miércoles, 4 de diciembre de 2013

Dave Nomad is singing!

She wants to spend Christmas with you, so there she is with her sweet song at the bay!

Here´s her auction page

She is on ebay.es, and her item number is 181275320737
If you´re not on Ebay.es, but on Ebay.com instead, just click the Worldwide option and she´ll be there in your search

Thank you so much again for your support!!
And good luck!
Big hugs from Dave and me!

lunes, 30 de septiembre de 2013

martes, 27 de agosto de 2013

Hey! Little Otus wants to thank you all, specially her new mom!

Olga & Otus

viernes, 12 de julio de 2013

Little Dante Nomad and I want to thank you all for your loving support!
Thank you all very much !!!