miércoles, 8 de enero de 2014

Here´s Eve, The first Nomad of 2014 n__n
As a novelty, her owner can choose between two scalps. There are pics of her wearing both of them in my Flickr and in her auction.
You can find her here
She´s on ebay.es, so if you´re on ebay.com, make sure you click the Worldwide option when you´re searching for Vainilladolly Blythe Nomad, Vainilladolly, Blythe Eve, or whatever you write on your search :)
Her number there is
Thank you SO very much to all of you again for your support and for being there, for making possible that i keep making more nomdas for you :)
I hope that 2014 is the best year ever and I wish you all much Love and all that´s good!
Eve and Olga

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